Family Counselling

With family counselling you can experience meaningful change together.

Located in Northwest Calgary, KM Counselling assists families experiencing a variety of concerns learn how to communicate and cope with love and respect. With a focus on building strong relationships, KM Counselling understands that families seek counselling support for many reasons. 

family counselling calgary nw - kristin matthewsKM Counselling provides family counselling for a variety of issues that arise within the family. The goal of family counselling is to help families learn new ways to connect and function in the most healthy ways possible.

Some of the issues that families may seek counselling for include conflict, communication difficulties, addiction, and blended family adjustment.

On occasion, family counselling may also occur in combination with individual counselling. To learn more about how family counselling can help, contact KM Counselling today.

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Common topics that families seek counselling support for include: 

The KM Counselling Approach to Working with Families

Virgil Family CounsellingFamilies often begin to seek out counselling when there is a child or adolescent struggling at school, in their relationships, or with a big life change. Parents who are looking for support for their children or teen may benefit from a family approach to counselling rather than just individual counselling because the issues that impact one individual are often impacted by the interactions within the whole family. 

At KM Counselling you and your family members will work together with the therapist to explore the things that are most important to you. The therapist will collaborate with each member of the family to identify goals and develop a personalized treatment plan using evidence-based approaches. By taking a family-centered approach, parents can learn strategies to best support their children and other family members. Ultimately, a family-centered approach to counselling often helps everyone in the family feel more understood and supported along the way. 

Common goals that families identify in counselling include:

  1. Strengthening the bond between family members
  2. Strengthening parental and sibling relationships
  3. Changing the role that members of a family may play 
  4. Developing new healthy family rules and expectations
  5. Learning new healthy ways to communicate and express emotions within the family

Is Family Counselling Right for Us?

Counselling can be beneficial for many types of families. Regardless of your family type, before deciding to attend family counselling, many people wonder if it will lead to positive change within the family dynamic. To better assess your readiness for family counselling you may find it helpful to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Am I open to taking responsibility for my role in the family?
  2. Am I open to receiving feedback?
  3. Am I open to talking about the relationships within the family and the issues I see in a respectful way?

KM Counselling does not offer family counselling for several issues including: 

  1. When there is abuse/domestic violence present in the family.
  2. When one person is not open to counselling and/or is not open to working on the relationships within the family.
  3. When a family is experiencing high-conflict divorce or separation.
  4. When the family is referred by an agency such as a court, child and family services, or school.
  5. When major psychopathology is present for one or more members of a family.

KM Counselling

Family Counselling - Calgary NW

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How to Get Started

Booking your appointment

Family counselling sessions are offered in the following formats: 

  • In-person
  • By secure video 

Contact us to book your session: 587-324-2398 or

When you contact us to book you will be asked for some intake information and you can inquire about your preferred booking dates/times. Once your appointment is booked you will get a confirmation email.

Preparing for your first appointment

Once your appointment has been scheduled, you should receive a confirmation email in addition to a reminder before your appointment about the appointment date/time. 

Before you attend your first appointment you may want to reflect on why you reached out for counselling and what you hope to gain from family counselling. You can also review the frequently asked questions about counselling here.

On the day of your appointment, it can be helpful to arrive a couple minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Attending your first appointment 

At your first session you will meet the psychologist and spend time discussing the consent form and the informed consent process. The first session is also when you get to share with the psychologist about yourself, the family, and what brought you to counselling. The psychologist will ask questions to best understand you and your situation, and you will be able to ask the psychologist any questions you may have. This first session is also when you will start to explore your goals for counselling. 

At the end of the first session, the family should have:

  • Learned about the consent process and provided informed consent
  • Discussed what brought the family into counselling
  • Learned about the family counselling process and started to explore your goals as a family
  • Clarity on your next steps 

KM Counselling

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8 Varsity Estates Circle NW

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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Counselling

How long are family counselling appointments?

The first appointment you have with the therapist as a family will typically be 50 minutes.  From there, family counselling sessions typically last either 50 minutes or 75 minutes. 

Are family counselling sessions the same fee as an individual counselling session?

Yes! Counselling fees vary according to the length of a counselling appointment and are not based on the number of people attending.  You can find out more about the rates for counselling services and payment information on the our fee page.

What if someone in the family will not attend counselling with me?

Sometimes one person in a family is not ready to attend counselling together. Fortunately, other members in a family can make a positive difference in the relationship by attending counselling individually with a focus on what their own role is within the relationship. Starting the process of individual growth may also have the potential to inspire other members of the family to engage in counselling for themselves.  

You may have more questions prior to your first appointment and can find additional information on our FAQ page.

Families seek counselling for many issues that are often not easy to talk about. That is why KM Counselling strives to create a safe and empathic space where you can talk about the hard things with a registered psychologist who will tailor a counselling approach specific to the unique needs of you and the members of your family. 

No matter what issues your family is seeking support for, KM Counselling is here to help your relationship experience meaningful, lasting change. 

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